Communic8 is a complete engagement platform targeting enterprise communication, sales & marketing, and organizational change management. Easily create audience-specific, rich, multimedia content for delivery on any device. Our powerful real-time analytics engine transparently tracks engagement and sentiment through every stage of an individual’s experience with the communication, allowing you to target, measure and optimise your communications for greater impact.

Every time you engage, is now an opportunity to analyse the effectiveness, analyse the behaviour, and analyse the impact so you can constantly review and refine your strategy.

The Communic8 engagement strategy is straight-forward. Create content using our pre-created templates, or create something new using our intuitive content editor; then send your communications out to segments of your audience, or everyone; measure your user engagement using our advanced analytics built right into the platform; analyse and adjust if needed, then repeat. The platform can also reach, grow and measure an organic untapped public audience through social media channels.