A recipient is the user who receives a communication. When you create a recipient you are the owner and by default recipients are made public. This grants the ability for all Communic8 users to view the recipients information and send the recipient/s communications. If you want to restrict access you must set the recipient to private

You can create a Recipient via:

  • Recipient menu. Add a Recipient individually using the New button or in bulk using the bulk upload process.
  • API integration with your HR System. Log a support ticket so we can discuss your requirements.

To Note

  • The email address is the unique identifier in the database, so it can only exist once! If you create a new recipient with an existing email address in the system, you will see an error message.
  • Add any other data that you have collected, i.e. Organization, Role Title, Department. This will help you segment your data into Recipient Groups so you can send, view and analyse Campaigns. Ensure you maintain your data naming standards. See the related article to understand how to design your recipient data correctly.

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