You can edit a Recipient a few ways:

  • Individually 
    • Select the Recipient Name. Select the Edit (pencil) icon next to Recipient information. Edit and Save.
  • Bulk Load File
    • Download the existing recipients file. Complete your edits and upload the file.
    • Remember the email address is the unique identifier and will be used to edit the recipient data. If you give a new email address, a new recipient will be created. You cannot edit an email address using the bulk load feature, this must be done manually via the Recipient record. Unless you have specific User Administrator permissions you will not be able to change recipient attributes.
  • Bulk Update (on Recipient page)
    • Select the checkboxes for all relevant recipients. Select the edit (pencil) icon. Complete your edits and save. 
    • All information added to the Bulk Edit dialog will update to all Recipients selected. If you do not have access to edit a recipient that has been selected, once submitted a dialog with successful edits and errors will appear. 

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