Recipients are permissioned as public by default in Communic8. This means:

  • The user who creates the recipient is the owner
  • Other Communic8 users can view the recipient
  • Other Communic8 users can send a communication to the recipient
  • By default, all users in your organisation can edit the recipient.

The Owner can elect to make the recipient private or share with selected users/groups.

  • When a recipient is set to private, only the owner or an administrator can manage the sharing permissions and send this recipient a communication. 
  • If shared with other users, those users can view and send this person a communication. 

Interaction/Engagement activity

  • When a communication is sent to a recipient, an interaction record is created. This will show the person's engagement with the communication, i.e. whether they opened the email, clicked the link and gave feedback. Only the campaign owner and the campaign team members can view this engagement activity. By default those users will also see limited information for the recipient (unless publicly shared).

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