Recipients are the people that receive a communication. You can create your Recipients a few ways:

  • Bulk Load 
  • Individually 
  • On the fly as you send Campaigns
  • API integration from your HR System, i.e. SuccessFactors Employee Central

Before you create Recipients, you should decide what type of data you would like to collect. This will help segment your recipients into a Recipient Group, making it easier to send a campaign. We suggest that you map out your available data to best understand how to segment your recipient group in accordance with your communication strategies.

1. Mandatory data to send a Campaign by email and sms

  • First Name, Last Name
  • Email address (must be unique)
  • Mobile country code format [Australia for example is 61]
  • Mobile number [Australia for example is 423564234, we drop the leading zero)

2. Organization data

  • Decide what org data you wish to display to appropriately segment your Recipients into groups. This doesn't need to reflect an organization unit in the corporate structure. This can be a segmentation appropriate to your communication strategies. This could be by region (e.g. Northern Region, North America, South America, APAC, etc) or it could be a Country or a Division in the company, e.g. Retail, Operations, Maintenance.
  • You must create your Organization Data first, before loading your Recipients.
  • You also have a Department field to further segment your Recipient List

3 Free text Recipient data

  • Role Title - decide what data you would like to represent here. Consider the information you need to appropriately segment your data. This doesn't need to reflect their Role Title reflected in the organisation structure. It could be Manager or Employee, it could be occupational group. You decide.
  • Department - decide what data you would like to represent here. This does not have to be the department in the corporate organisation structure. It could be a specific location, e.g. country, city, zone or work group, a business function. 
  • We suggest that you keep to a strict naming standard for these fields to ensure this data is useful for segmenting your data.

If you wish to use API integration, this is an additional service that we provide. Please log a support ticket with your requirements so we can explore these requirements with you.

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