Our platform adheres to Spam Laws and complies with the legislations based on the location of our data centres.

Our current data centre locations:

As a user you must abide by our Terms of Service (find the latest version on our website and your Communic8 log-in page), including Spam Laws. It is your responsibility to review the legislation and following these laws explicitly. If you violate these laws you could be subject to fines of up to $10million in some countries and imprisonment in others.

Here is how Communic8 meets Spam obligations:

  • Clear identification of the sender and the postal address in both email and sms templates. Email footers include your company details and address (from Company Settings configured in your Communic8).
  • Immediate opt-out/unsubscribe processes given in SMS and email templates. This should not be removed in any email or sms templates! 
  • Record of subscription status, held against the user record. As a user you can see whether the user has unsubscribed to either channel.
  • A user cannot send communication to a user who has unsubscribed from a particular channel, i.e. sms, email or both.