Once you have created your Template, you can customize your communication using our simple Editor! 

To begin, navigate to your template and select the Edit button.

The Editor has two major parts:

  1. Navigation Panel. This is your control panel and used to control settings and navigate within your content.

  1. Edit Panel. This is your creative workspace where you create and edit your content. A tabbed approach has been added to separate out the different styling options you have.

To Start Editing

  • In the Navigation panel 
    • From the Settings (Gear Icon), you can update the design setting
      • The Page Settings are applied to the page itself
      • The Normal Text fields are applied to all content, text and list fields.
      • The Heading Text (Heading 1, Heading 2 and Heading 3) fields are applied to all the Heading and Subheading fields.
    • Add a Section: Add a Section Name and select a Type
      • Sections are used to group subsections (content) together so that it easier to see what you are editing.
      • A section also determines the layout of subsections via it’s ‘type’. The ‘Stacked’ section type allows subsections to sit on top of one another, whereas the ‘Slideshow’ section type acts like a carousel that can be scrolled left and right.
    • Add Content: 
      • Select from the subsection (content) types available to style and create your content. 
      • You can choose from the Basic (building block) types or the more defined Advanced options. Additionally, you can copy a subsection from an existing poster.
  • Once you've completed your content select the Preview button to view your content. 

Save your Content

  • Be sure to save your content after editing each subsection. Select the Publish button to finalize your content.


  • Remember to preview your content via both Desktop and Phone view

Points to Note

  • Templates are selected in the campaign process. Upon selection a copy of the template is created, any edits published at the campaign level will not alter the content of the template at the template level

Watch the video below on using the editor

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