Once you have designed your Recipient Data you will be able to design your Groups. Groups are used to segment your recipients for ease of sending Campaigns. 

Ideally, you should create a campaign for each relevant Recipient Group so you can begin to see trends and statistics for that particular group. If you create blended campaigns, it will be difficult to identify trends. 

You can export your Recipients to start creating Groups. Your groups are not dynamic, i.e. they will not be updated if you add new Recipients. Before you issue new communications, you should export and recreate your groups.

Segmentation can help drive your communication campaigns a number of different ways:

  • Compare opening and click statistics across groups for the same communication messages. Which Groups are more responsive, where are your problem areas?
  • Which messages are performing better for each group? Compare your statistics across group campaigns. This will help you retarget and change your messaging style in accordance with the campaigns that work the best for that particular group.
  • What are the feedback trends across groups and campaigns?

Once you have identified your key groups (e.g. country, region, location, occupational group, employment status, etc), you can create your load files and create your groups.

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