Images can be added to both Sections and Subsections. You can add images using our Media Library, which allows you to choose from free images or upload your own. 

Images can be applied as the background to any subsection. If you want to add images as part of your content, use the specific Image subsections or you can use the insert image option in the WYSIWYG for any subsection you have added. The Image subsections are: Image, Image Collage and Image Card Horizontal. The subsections Video, Attachment and Video Card Horizontal also use images as the document or video placeholder. A preview icon is placed in the middle of all images upon hover, this allows a user to tick the image and view a larger size of the image.

Additionally you can add settings to style your image.


  • We recommend checking the image size before uploading.
  • Use a Background Overlay to use the images you want and help to read the content more clearly.
  • Add an Image to a Section (instead of an individual subsection) so the same image flows as the background for all subsections part of that section. Be sure to remove any images or background colors at the subsection level as this will override the Section level. Each subsection can have their own background overlay.
  • When uploading your own images be sure to name them appropriately to help with searching