When creating and editing your content you use the creative design space on the right side panel of the Editor. When you click on any area of your content, an edit window will open. With every edit you make, you can select the Save button at the bottom. Without clicking the button you will get a Unsaved Changes message advising to keep editing or discard the changes. If you discard the changes, all edits done in that period will not be saved.

All edits saved will be kept and visible for the preview inside the editor. However, until you select the Publish button, the changes you have made will not be visible/public. The content can still be sent to recipients, however the last published version of the editor will always be sent.

When publishing your content a modal dialog will appear with a reminder to check all device types. The message will appear each time the Publish button is clicked, if you do not wish to continue receiving this please select the 'Don't show me this message again'. Please note the message option is shown at the template level only.

Points to Note

  • Communic8 does not create a new version of your communication. Each published change will override your content. 
  • There is no undo option. When you save a change, you cannot undo this. The next time the page is published, your changes will be made public.