When you create a Campaign, you are the Owner. To change the Owner of the Campaign, the current Owner (or a System Administrator) can select a current team member or add an additional team member.

  • Navigate to the Team tab in your Campaign
  • Select a current team member, select the Ellipsis menu and select Make Owner OR
  • Click on the current Owner (you), select the Ellipsis menu and select Change Owner
  • Type to search and select another user

To Send a Campaign from another Owner:

  • Create your Campaign and Go-Live (with no recipients yet added)
  • Change the Owner
  • Add Recipients (You can add recipients as a team member)
  • All communications are sent from the Owner

Points to Note:

  • When the campaign owner is changed, all interactions that have already been created are now owned by the new Campaign owner
  • The Owner retains the ability to change sharing settings and can change the Campaign Owner to another user
  • Edit permission will allow all users to manage an interaction, including cancelling the campaign for an individual

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