If the Social Network setting was set to active, once your campaign has gone Live,  a social URL will be created giving you the option to post your communication to one of the provided social network platforms.

  • Navigate to the campaign
  • Tick the Social tab
  • Use one of the predefined layouts for the default social networks; or
  • Use the public URL and post to other public areas

If using the Billboard concept, once the public URL has been posted, any person can now click on the link. When a person clicks on the link:

  • The person views the billboard (snippet teaser of the content)
  • The person completes the Public signup form and submits
  • The recipient record is created (if the record doesn't already exist). The Campaign owner is the owner of every new Recipient that is created. New Recipients are public and shared with other users. The recipient is automatically added to the campaign list.
  • Communic8 will send the recipient an email and sms (if provided) of the entire communication. This will have the appended call to action page.
  • Monitor the campaign engagement and feedback 

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