There are a few different features that can adjust the alignment of a slideshow section. These features can be adjusted at the section level for the types slideshow and full slideshow.

The three features are:

  • 'Enable full height slideshow' - Stretches the subsections to match the height of the window. 
  • 'Slideshow Alignment' - Select one of the options (Top, Middle, Bottom) and the content will move to that selection on the page
  • 'Disable adaptive height' - Allows all subsections to be the height of the tallest subsection, which stops the page from jumping when sliding left and right

Points to Note:

  • Not all subsections will be affected by the 'slideshow alignment' there are a few that have defaulted height and placements
  • The height features are checked by default when the types slideshow and full slideshow are selected. Any posters created before the release will need to check these options if required.