We can provide a standardised SuccessFactors Employee Profile integration which is a full employee file for all active employees. The standard fields in SuccessFactors map to the recipient profile fields in Communic8. We have the ability to integrate with custom fields as well, please note the fields in Communic8 will remain the same.

Please note that the Email address is the unique identifier in communic8. The integration includes the following design features:

  • The api is a full employee file for all active employees. If a recipient with the same email address exists in communic8, the record will be updated with the information from SuccessFactors, e.g. employee movement to a new location/department, new mobile number.
  • If an employee record from SuccessFactors has an email address that does not exist in communic8, a new recipient record will be created.
  • Records created or updated by the api will be flagged as an "SAP/SF" record (also recognisable in the DB by the SF username which is sent in the api)
  • Records flagged as SAP/SF record that are not updated in the latest synchronisation, will be marked as inactive in communic8. (Inactive employees are excluded in the api). Communication cannot be sent to inactive recipients.

To set-up SF Integration:

  • Provide the SuccessFactors api username and password so communic8 can access your SuccessFactors instance by the OData URL. The api user must have access to Odata.
  • Australian communic8 data centres: enable the api user to login to the source IP address
  • Other DC IP addresses will be provided once confirmed.

To note:

  • Standard integration is an additional add-on feature and additional cost applies.
  • Integration does not create or update recipient groups. Recipient groups are designed to be created based on specific communication segmentation designed by the customer. The customer will need to establish a process to maintain these groupings.
  • Employees who change either email address in SuccessFactors will have a new recipient record created in communic8. The old recipient record using the old email address will need to be manually inactivated by an administrator user. Communications assigned to inactive accounts are not accessible.