If required each instance has the ability to remove the unsubscribe feature. By default all instances are set up with unsubscribe on, which has the unsubscribe links on all system email and sms communications. 

You can control your instance and remove the unsubscribe links from emails and SMS. This helps if you intend to communicate only to employees, and do not want them opting-out of communications. Removing unsubscribe means the potential to violate anti-spam legislation, if emailed to external email addresses (i.e. email accounts not belonging to your company). 

Warning: It is a legal requirement that commercial electronic messages contain an unsubscribe link. If you switch unsubscribe off on this page then no messages sent by this system will contain an unsubscribe link, and you accept legal liability if this system is used to send commercial electronic messages. 

Changes to the unsubscribe settings will be logged.

To remove the unsubscribe links

  • Navigate to the Admin menu
  • Select Account Settings
  • Scroll to Unsubscribe Settings
  • Toggle Off Unsubscribe
  • A dialog will appear to input your comment
  • Select Save - A change log will be shown beneath with the Logged in User, Date and comment

Points to Note:

  • This feature does not automatically appear with each new instance created. Please speak with your Administrator when creating your instance if this is an option you require.

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