Groups are used to create distribution lists that you may want to use when sending a Campaign. After you create new recipients you can add them to a group.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Use the Bulk Upload
    • Navigate to the Recipient Group menu
    • Select the upload icon
    • Download the csv template or export the existing recipient list so you can slice and dice into separate files
    • Create your group load files (you can use your recipient export file to do this!)
    • Upload the template and select the Group name if adding to an existing Group
    • If you need a new group, provide the new group name. When you submit, the group will be created and the recipients in the file will be added to the group.
    • Once the upload is complete, you will see a successful message with a list of recipients successfully loaded.
  • Use the Bulk Update Feature
    • Navigate to the Recipient Menu
    • Select the relevant recipient checkboxes
    • Select the Add to Group icon
    • Select the Group Name
    • Save

Points to Note:

  • You can select a group first, then select the upload process. The file will be loaded into this group.
  • Groups are NOT dynamic. You must keep these up to date. You can export your List/s and export your recipients to build a new List and archive the old list.
  • We are working on a new feature to allow you to dynamically create send groups based on object attributes. Watch this space.

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