Email delivery represents the status of the emails sent to your recipients. The delivery tab allows to see the number of emails that have bounced. The audience page allows you to view the individual recipients that have not been successfully delivered. 

Select a recipient that has an email icon of Red (which refers to a bounce) to view the specific reason of the bounce. Email delivery is important and critical for your engagement. Please review the below to understand why a recipient did not have a successfully email delivery, this will help to rectify future campaigns. 

Message has been received and is ready to be delivered.

Message has been successfully delivered to the receiving server.

Note this does not necessarily mean that the message reached the recipient’s inbox. Some users and some email applications may filter the email away from the inbox even though the email was delivered to (read: accepted by) the recipient email server.

You may see the following drop reasons to a specific email address in order to protect your sender reputation.
  • Invalid SMTPAPI header
  • Spam Content (if Spam Checker app is enabled)
  • Unsubscribed Address 
  • Bounced Address
  • Spam Reporting Address
  • Invalid
  • Recipient List over Package Quota
Receiving server temporarily rejected the message.
Some common reasons are that the provider does not recognise the IP from which a message originates; or it could just be that their system is operating in such a way that they cannot accept the email. If, upon your resending, the provider determines that it is ready to trust you as a sender or their system operations are back to normal, the email will be accepted. A retry will occur 72 hours for 72 hours upon from the original send time.

Receiving server could not or would not accept the message.
Bounced refers to messages that have not been delivered because of one of the following reasons:
  • the receiving server could not accept the message;
  • the sending server could not send the message;
  • the receiving server has delayed or rejected the acceptance of the message;
  • the recipient marked the message as spam