The communications you receive will appear on your Feed page. They are ordered via the sent date, with the most recent starting from the top.

Each communication may have a category associated to it. You can view the category name on the communication image itself. Use the filter option to list communications associated to one or more categories selected.

Each unread communication will have a small colored dot (on the top of the image for Grid view and on the left side for Timeline view) to let you know which communications you still need to view and read. All communications will appear by default, you can use the filter option to search for Read, Unread and All communications. 

For communications that are no longer relevant or required to remain on your Feed page you have the option to delete. Select Delete from the ellipsis and it will be removed from the Feed, please note you cannot get these back unless the User resends you the communication. 

Points to Note

  • Be sure to check your filter options if you are unable to find a communication. 

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