Business apps are created to have your frequently used business systems/processes at your Recipients (Employees) fingertips. These Apps cannot be removed or edited by the Recipient and only a System Administrator can create a Business App.

To create your Business Apps:

  • Navigate to the Admin menu 
  • Select Business Apps
  • Select the Plus button to create
  • Add the Name, Description, URL and Logo. We recommend a Logo size of 1024px x 1024px
  • Additionally you can
    • Set the Order of apps
      • Enter the number you'd like the app to sit in the Order field. It starts with one and navigates from left to right on the Apps page.
    • Set permissions to apps
      • Add a Group or Organization. Only those recipients part of the Group or Organization will have access to the App. As long as one Group or Organization has been added, the app will not be publicly visible to other recipients. 
    • Input the Apple App Store or Google Play Store URLs. This will direct users to the App or Google Play store to install the app. Please note once the app is installed the user will be brought to the store to open, it won't automatically open the app on their phone.
  • Select Save

To Delete or Edit a Business App

  • Navigate to the Business Apps page
  • Select the relevant App
  • Edit information and Select Save or Delete

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