Before you set your Campaign Live and send to your recipients you have the ability to test and view your Campaigns data. Test data can only be sent to Communic8 users, those with access to the platform. All users that are part of the test will receive the email and sms (if both are applied) and must login to view the poster. A successful message will appear once sent to users. Testing will not add to the Campaign's analytics. 

  • Navigate to the Campaign
  • Select the Ellipsis and tick Send Test
  • A modal will appear and automatically add the owner of the campaign. You can remove the owner if need be.
  • You have the option to search for Communic8 Users to add. Only 5 Users at once can be added but you can use the send test feature as many times as required.
  • Select the Delivery Methods
  • Select Send and all users added will receive the Template to view.

Points to Note

  • The campaign will not track or list those users the test email and sms were sent to. Analytics will not be collected for these users or add to the analytics of the campaign. 
  • The Feedback page will not be included in the poster sent.
  • The Unsubscribe option in the Email footer will not be active.