When creating your Template you have the option to associate a category to the Template. A category can help to segment the types of communications your Recipients receive. You can search for specific categories using the Category search feature in the Template menu.

You can assign a Category to a Template during the create process, or

  • Navigate to the Template
  • Select the Pencil¬†(edit) icon
  • Scroll to Categories
  • Begin typing a category name or select from the drop down list
  • Select Save

Points to Note

  • Categories are not mandatory for a Template
  • You can assign multiple categories to a Template
  • If no Categories have been created the search field on the Template page will not be shown, additionally the category field when creating a new Template will not be shown
  • For those instances that have the Mobile APP enabled, categories will also appear over the Template Image on the Feed page in the App. i.e. The Category associated to the communication below is HR.

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