By default, your Communic8 platform comes pre-built with the email sender “From” address set to “”. Say your company is called “Acme Consulting”, and your client platform name was set to “acmeconsulting” at the time of commissioning your platform instance. The “From” address that your recipients will see in their email inbox will be “”.


To improve your email delivery and open rates, we recommend that you send your email using a company email address. Continuing with the example above (“Acme Consulting”), say your company website is “”. You should ideally send your email on the Communic8 platform using an email “From” address such as “” or “”. We can assist you in this process. If you complete the steps listed below in a timely manner,  the process usually takes a couple of days to complete.  While this is a very straightforward process which can be achieved quickly, you will need to meet the following requirements to move forward:

  • You own or have control over your company domain name. In the example above the domain name is “”

  • You have IT support staff or external IT support services to make the necessary changes to your IT infrastructure


We recommend that you contact your IT support team and ask for a team member who is responsible for:

  • Network and email administration and configuration

  • DNS settings


Once you’ve established who can assist you with your IT configuration needs, please complete the following steps as outlined below:


Step 1: Raise a Support Ticket  

  • Raise a Support Ticket ( and provide the following information:

    • In the Subject field of the support ticket, include the following text: “Request for configurable email address”

    • In the Type field of the support ticket, choose: “Request”

    • In the Description field of the support ticket, include the following information:

      • The email address you would like to use as your configurable email address. Please note: only one email address can be used

      • Provide the name and email address of your technical contact who has the proper authority to manage your DNS settings

  • Once we’ve received the support ticket with the proper information provided, we will start the Authenticate Domain process and send instructions to the technical contact you provided in the ticket. Our instructions will include CNames generated by SendGrid (our email sending and reputation service) that your technical contact will utilize in step 2 below.


Step 2: Add CNames to DNS

  • Your technical contact is to follow the email instructions to configure your DNS by adding 3 CNames generated by SendGrid and click “I'm Done” once complete (see image below): 


Step 3: Notify Communic8 of Change

  • You must notify us via the original support ticket once you have completed step 2

  • We will verify the changes to your domain and configure your Communic8 instance (which will be one working day)

  • We will notify you via the support ticket once we’ve completed the process

  • Start using the platform!


Suggestion: Great job! Now you can send email using your own company email address. We also recommend the following if your organization has strict security measures around email delivery: It is common for an organization to have internal IT security measures to protect themselves from unwanted “spam” emails and potentially malicious websites. In order for Communic8’s communications to pass seamlessly through these security measures, we recommend that your IT team add our IP address and domains to your safe lists (“Whitelist”) for both your firewall and email filters. We suggest that you follow the instructions to whitelist the domains


If you have any issues, questions or need direct support from one of our technical staff, please raise a support ticket. We can arrange a video conference directly with your technical staff to further assist you.