Each instance comes with our pre-built email sender which uses the Communic8 domain. These are named as 'clientname'@communic8.com and will be shown as the sender (the From email address). If you'd like your sender email to use one of your company email addresses, this can be set up for you with the assistance of your technical team.

  • At the time of the instance request please advise the email address you would like to use. Please note only one email address can be used.
  • Advise who your technical contact is. They should have permission to manage DNS on behalf of the client for the requested email domain.
  • Communic8 will start the Authenticate domain process. The email address is mandatory to begin this step.
  • Communic8 will send instructions to the client's technical contact to configure your DNS. The instruction link has a 3 day expiration to complete.
  • The client's technical contact is to follow the email instructions to configure their DNS by adding 3 CNames generated by SendGrid and click I'm Done once complete (see image below). 
  • The client advises Communic8 once they have completed the above step to configure their DNS.
  • Communic8 verifies the domain and configures the client's Communic8 instance which will be one working day from when Step 6 is complete.
  • Communic8 will notify the client once complete
  • Start using the platform!