Sections and subsections hold your data and layout for that particular content type. If you'd like to leverage an existing section or subsection, you can do so from the same template or an existing one.

To copy a subsection within the same Template

  • Open your Poster
  • Navigate to the section/subsection you want to copy
  • Select the copy icon
  • The section or subsection will be copied. Subsections will be added as the last subsection in that section, Sections will be added as a section after that section from which you copied.

    • All data will be copied which includes attachments and videos. You can also move the order of the subsection.¬†

To copy a section or subsection from another Template

  • Open your poster
  • Navigate to the Section and select Add Content
  • Select the Copy Template or Copy Campaign¬†tab
  • A list of Templates will appear on the Copy Template page. A list of campaigns will appear on the Copy Campaign page.You can use the search engine to search for a Template Name.
  • Select the Template/Campaign. The sections and subsections will appear on the right hand side. You can select one or multiple sections and subsections. Tick the Section checkbox, to automatically select all the subsections that are part of that section.
  • Select the checkboxes for all sections/subsections you want to copy
  • Select Add

Points to Note

You must have access to the Template to view in the list