Each recipient has flags to determine their status for each delivery method. The mobile app has one flag which states the status of the recipients usage with the app. 

  • Not Registered - A user has not completed the registration process
  • Logged In - A user has registered and is currently logged into the app
  • Not Logged In - A user has registered but is not logged into the app

Additionally you can search for users based off these statuses

  • Navigate to the Recipients Menu
  • Select the Filter
  • Scroll to Mobile App Register or Mobile App User
  • Select the status name from the drop down menu
  • Tick Search

Points to Note

  • If a user is not logged into the app or hasn't yet registered at the time of sending a communication, they will still receive and be able to view the communication once they log in
  • When searching on multiple statuses please note if you combine the search for Not Registered and Not Logged In, the result will only show Not Registered recipients as a user cannot be logged out if they have never registered

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