Campaigns are used to construct the communication you send to your recipients. There are three components part of the creating campaign process before you can go-live. These are selecting your content, adding your audience and selecting the delivery method.

  • Navigate to the Drafts menu
  • Tick the New button. The draft page is shown.
  • Add a Campaign Name. The campaign will automatically be saved once you save the name.
  • Each component is listed into it's own step, you can begin anywhere but we recommend selecting your template first
  • Content:
    • Tick Select Template
    • Select the template and tick Continue
      • Note that the template is copied. If you wish you make edits to the poster it will edit the poster for the individual campaign, it will not edit the template that you had selected
  • Audience:
    • Tick Select Audience
    • Add recipients and tick Continue
  • Delivery Methods:
    • Tick Select Delivery Method
    • Activate the methods you want the communication to be sent
  • Go-Live
  • Check out your Statistics


  • We recommend using the Send Test feature, this will allow you to view your communication before you Go-Live
  • Add team members to help review and track the campaign