Your audience are the recipients who receive the communication. 

  • Tick the Select Audience button 
  • Select the checkboxes of the recipients you want to add
    • Tips! Use the filter option to segment on recipient attributes. If you tick on an individual attribute, a list of all defined attributes will be shown. 

i.e. If you'd like to add a specific department, tick on the department field and all department names that exist will be shown, additionally as you start to type, the list will be updated and filtered to match those characters and only those recipients associated with the department will appear 

  • Select Add Recipients
    • Note: Only 100 recipients are listed on one page at a time. If using the search or filter option, tick the select all to select all recipients (if more than 100) that are relevant to the search
  • The added recipients will appear in the Added column to the right
  • Tick Continue to add the recipients to the campaign
    • If the campaign is in draft status, recipients will only be added to the campaign, it will not yet send the communication
    • If the campaign is Live, it will add the recipients immediately upon ticking the add button

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