The delivery methods determines the way your communication is received. There are four methods to choose from: Mobile App, Email, SMS and Social Network.

  • Tick Select Delivery
  • An accordion will show the four types of methods. The mobile app will always be activated by default.
  • Select the method you want to use
    • Add your content. Default data has been added to help visualise where the fields are located in the preview, all can be overridden.
    • Switch the Inactive toggle to Active. If you don't toggle this on and tick Save, the content will be saved but the method will not be used.
    • Tick Save
    • Continue the above for all methods you wish to use
  • Tick Continue

To Note

  • If the Social Network method has been activated, it will not automatically send to that social platform. Once the campaign has gone live, a new tab SOCIAL will be created, here you can view and use the social URL that was created to post the communication.
  • The Social Network has one setting for all types. Each individual social network cannot be edited.