To send your campaign via email you must activate the email setting on the delivery method page

Once you create your draft campaign

  • Navigate to the delivery method page
  • Tick Email
  • Add content
    • Email Subject, Content and Call to Action are mandatory fields
    • Add an image that will be placed in the email header. Headers are not mandatory, you do not need to use an image.
    • Use the Add Field option to add recipient and sender information¬†

    • Toggle from Inactive to Active

  • Save
  • Continue
  • Once the campaign is set to Live the communication will be sent via email. The Email Sender ID is displayed as the sender in the email, this is the Campaign owner.

To Note

  • Default data is taken from the template and account setting so you can preview what the email setting will look like. The template name is used as the Subject, the default content (from account setting) is used for the content and template image is used for image.