To send your campaign via SMS you must activate the SMS setting on the delivery method page

Once you create your draft campaign

  • Navigate to the delivery method page
  • Tick SMS
  • Add Message
  • Add the Sender ID. This will default from the account setting. This refers to the name that appears in the from address on your mobile phone
  • Toggle from Inactive to Active
  • Save
  • Continue
  • Once the campaign is set to Live the communication will be sent via SMS

To Note

  • The message to click the URL is not editable¬†
  • The number of SMS required to sent your message is shown at the bottom of the preview

  • Please note this feature is not supported in some countries due to local telecom regulations. Please see the Support Country List
  • Default data (message and sender ID) is taken from the account setting so you can preview what the SMS will look like.

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