The social networks method allows you to publicly share your communication on a social media platform or public post. If you activate the Social Networks method, recipients are not required, you can still Go-Live.

  • Navigate to the delivery method page
  • Tick Social Networks
  • Add content
    • Title is mandatory
    • Description 
    • Image
  • Billboard: The billboard will use the selected sections of your content.
    • If the billboard is turned off, the entire communication will be shown on the public url and no public signup form will be appended.
  • Public Signup Form - The public signup form is used to entice a user to enter their details so you can further connect.
    • On - If the public form is on, it will automatically append a signup form at the bottom of the public url. When a user enters their details, an automatic email is sent, therefore the email method must be activated. 
    • Off - No public form will be appended. 
  • Activate
  • Save
  • Continue
  • The campaign must be Live for the public URL to be created. Once Live navigate to the Social tab, from here you can use one of the predefined social networks to post your communication or use the public URL to post anywhere.

To Note

  • Default data is taken from the template so you can preview what the Social Network setting will look like. The template name is used as the title, the description is used as the description and image as image.