A template includes the content that is sent to recipients. 

  • Navigate to the Template menu and select the New button to launch the Create page
  • The below information is needed:
    • Name 
    • Description
    • Language - your email template (salutation, signature block, footer) and the bottom of your poster (the feedback section) will be translated into your selected language. If you don't see your language, log a support ticket and we will chat with you about your requirements.
    • Categories - Add a category to your Template for easy searching 
    • Content
      • Start from scratch - Start your Poster from a blank page. A default image will be applied to the template and can be overridden at any time.
      • Copy Existing - Copy an existing template. This will copy the poster and email/sms content.
    • Access - Grant Permission Roles to Users or Groups
    • Click Save and Continue to create your Template
    • Start creating your content!

  • Once a Template is ready to be used you must set it to Active
    • Navigate to the Template
    • Select the Ellipsis (3 dots) on the right hand side
    • Tick Activate


  • If you want to create a template with a previous template (or modify a previous one), simply use the Copy Existing option during the create template process

To Note