The content used in a campaign is based on the template you select. When a template is selected, the template is copied which creates a new version of the template. Any edits completed at the campaign level will not be made available in the Template menu. 

  • Tick Edit Content (under Content Details)
  • Here you have the option to edit the:
    • Communication content. Tick the Edit button and the Editor will open for you to make any edits. Any edits will not affect the original template. 
      • Tick Publish once complete with edits. If you navigate out of the editor without publishing, a Unpublished Changes will be shown on the details section. 
    • Language. Select from the drop down the language you would like to used. This will make changes to the appended sections that Communic8 adds to the communication, i.e. feedback form and email footer
    • Category. Select one or multiple categories from the list. These will appear in the Mobile app. 
  • Tick Save