Communic8 provides data and analytics to help you understand your engagement levels

  • Communication viewed and read
  • Delivery stats for each method - percentages of clicks and opens
  • Behavior charts - which content/data has been viewed and when
  • Individual Recipient Activity
  • Export functionality

Clicks and Opens

Open and clicks data will help you to view:

  • engagement differences across your groups
  • identify groups who are actively engaged and have read your communication message
  • identify groups who are not actively engaged and have not read important messages or actions required
  • guide future engagement and messaging strategies for each group
  • areas of resistance who will require further targeted messages or one-on-one engagement


Determine which section was viewed and not viewed. This will help you gauge:

  • Information Read vs. what hasn't been viewed/read by recipients
  • Which communications had high engagement; were they shorter? Was a slideshow used? This will help determine when and where to place your most important information.
  • When has the communication been viewed most. This can help determine a time for when future communications can be sent for high engagement and visibility.

Individual Activity

View the steps each recipient took

  • See who is actively engaging vs. those that are not
  • Which method each recipient used to view the communication


When you send communication, the recipient has an opportunity to provide feedback. This is a free text field, where the person can give you any type of feedback. The type of feedback you want to receive however can be guided in your communication content, i.e. you can ask the recipient to give specific feedback regarding: 

  • How they feel about the communication content, e.g. excited, anxious, confused, etc
  • Did they find the content helpful or useful
  • Did they understand the messaging and what is required of them
  • Questions or feedback
  • Yes/No responses relating to a question.

The feedback mechanism will help you to:

  • Fine tune your messaging. Is it appropriate or are people confused.
  • Gather information to further guide your communication strategy, e.g. do you want to know more about [topic] - Y/N
  • Guide communication down to the individuals that do require additional guidance and assistance
  • Gauge engagement levels, is the feedback positive, negative, how many people provided feedback.


Use the export function to download a CSV of the campaign's analytics and feedback. This will help to analyse further and share with others. 

The analysis of the raw data presented to you will help shape your future communication strategies.