The analytics provided at a campaign level show overall engagement and behavior statistics. Individual recipient activity is also recorded. 

  • Navigate to the Audience tab
  • Tick on the recipient name
    • The information in the right hand panel will change to only show the activity for the specific recipient selected
  • Tick on the ellipsis and select View Interaction 
    • You will be brought to the recipient's interaction page for the campaign. Here you can view the activity the recipient had with the communication. You can also view any feedback given.
  • Additionally an icon is placed next to each recipient for each type of delivery method. The icons are colored and labeled which states the status of the delivery.

For Email and SMS:

  • Green - Sent
  • Red - Bounced
  • Grey - Not Applicable, i.e. Recipient does not have a mobile number or the Delivery Method was not used for the campaign

For Mobile App:

The Mobile app works slightly different, all communications that are sent to a mobile app are always delivered. This will help you to determine who would had the opportunity to view the communication. The recipients who         haven't yet registered or are logged out of the app won't have an opportunity to know that communications have been sent.

  • Green - Logged In
  • Grey - Logged Out 
  • Red - Not Registered


To help sort through the statuses, download the csv file to easily segment and adjust the message for recipients that have not viewed the communication. 

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