Each metric has their own calculation and allows you to monitor your engagement.


  • Viewed - Visited at least one subsection 
  • Read - Visited all subsections
  • Unique Visitors - A distinct individual viewing the communication content, regardless of how many times they visit.
  • Page Views - The total number of times the page was visited
  • Average visit duration - The average visit duration across all recipients
  • Average content viewed - The average amount of content viewed


  • Email Delivery Rate - Number of emails that were successfully sent
  • Email Opened - Number of users that opened the email
  • Email Clicked - Number of users that clicked on the email button (to view the communication)
  • Bounce - Number of emails that bounced
  • Spam - Number of emails that were reported as spam by the user
  • Unsubscribe - Number of users that unsubscribed 
  • SMS Clicked - Number of users that clicked on the link in the sms (to view the communication)
  • Mobile App Active - Number of active app users (Logged into the app)
  • Mobile App Viewed - Number of users that clicked on the communication in the mobile app


The color of the square represents the number of visits the subsection has received in relation to the entire communication. 

  • These are calculated as “Visits” and recorded again for a user who revisits the page after 30 minutes from their last visit.