The public signup form is appended to the bottom of public communications (the public url). 

  • Navigate to the Social Networks setting
  • Public Signup Form
    • On - By default the public signup form is On. When a user enters their details on the public sign up form, a system generated email is sent to the user. Therefore, the email delivery method must be enabled to allow this feature to work.
    • Off - If you turn off the public signup form, it will not be appended to the public url. 
  • Public Sign Title. The title will be shown above the public signup form (Request page). In the below image "Join Us Now" is the public signup title.

When you post the public link in social media (or on a website for example), when a person clicks the link they are presented with the billboard (the selected sections). If the person wishes to receive the full communication, they simply have to complete the Public signup form to automatically receive the communication by email. Communic8 will capture this information, create a new recipient record (if the person doesn't already exist) and send the communication automatically. You have captured a new email address for future communications! The person will receive the communication, with the feedback section attached.

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