The ability to resend a communication can be completed at an individual or campaign level. 

  • Navigate to the Analytics tab
  • Tick Actions
    • Resend to All Recipients - This will send to all recipients that are part of the campaign
    • Resend to Non-Engaged Recipients - This will send to all recipients who have not yet viewed the communication
  • View the relevant list of recipients
  • Tick Resend

To resend at an individual level

  • Navigate to the Audience tab
  • Tick on the individual recipient
  • Tick on the ellipsis
  • Tick Resend Communication

Points to Note

  • If a communication contains a survey subsection, if the recipient has previously submitted the survey, upon a resend, the resend will send their survey results, it will not reset the survey


  • Make an edit to your content or delivery method before resending. The new data will be used in the resend.