The survey builder is located within the editor. There are numerous survey fields to cater for different types of questions and formatting.

  • Navigate to the editor 
  • Tick the Add content button and select the Survey Builder tab
  • Select an individual survey type to use 
    • Note: you have the ability to add other types of questions, you are not limited to using the individual type you've selected to begin.
    • Simply click on Add New Survey Field Button in the edit panel. Add as many survey fields (questions) you'd like 
  • By default, all individual survey fields (question types) have prepopulated data
  • Design the survey page
  • Create and edit the end of survey message

Watch the video below for more detail

Points to Note

  • When building the survey, the editor preview will allow you to tick the buttons and navigate between questions; this is to help with design and editing. Ticking on the questions or inputs will open the edit panel. Use the Preview button to view how the recipient will view the survey.
  • A Submit button is automatically placed after the last question. Only one end of survey message and one submit button are used, you cannot have more than one.
  • Surveys are not supported in public campaigns. This will occur in a future phase.
  • Recipients will only be able to submit a survey once, at this stage they cannot modify their answers. This will occur in a future phase.