Broadcasts are used to create quick communications to your recipients. They consist of one image (optional), a title and message. They can be sent to via email or to the mobile app.

  • Navigate to the Broadcast page
  • Tick New
  • Select a Type - The emoji attached to the type will be used in the mobile app notification and email subject
  • Add Title
  • Add message
  • Add Image - this is optional
  • Request an Acknowledgement - This is optional, if used, it will be shown as a button to recipients. A separate statistic for those that have ticked the button will be collected.
    • Edit Button Text 
  • Select Audience
    • Once a broadcast is sent, you cannot add recipients or cancel the notice
  • Select Delivery - Broadcasts can only be sent via email and to the mobile app
    • The mobile app is enabled by default
  • Preview - Use the preview on the left hand side for viewing the mobile notification, email content and webpages (message) for email and mobile app
  • Send
  • Manage engagement


  • Broadcasts do not have a draft state, the intention is to send right away. The option to cancel a broadcast you are working on is available. 
  • If using email, the email content is not editable, these are transactional emails that notify a recipient to view the broadcast sent to them. If the acknowledge button was used, a warning message that the broadcast has a required action is also listed in the email.