When you create your campaign, you can schedule the date and time it will be delivered to your recipients. 

  • Once you've completed creating your campaign, tick the Schedule button
  • Use the date picker to set the date and time. The timezone is determined from your computer date and time preferences. 
  • Review your settings and tick Schedule Send
  • The campaign will be moved out of the Drafts menu and to the Scheduled menu
  • You can cancel or edit the schedule at any time. Additionally you can make the campaign Live at any time. 

View your campaigns on the Schedule page or the calendar on the dashboard.

To Note

  • Campaigns can only be scheduled after one hour of the current time, it cannot be scheduled before.
  • Email notifications will be sent 48 hours before a campaign is set to be delivered to the campaign owner and team members. If campaigns are scheduled less than 48 hours, no email notifications will be sent.