When a survey is sent to recipients, their name and personal details (attributes) are collected and used to analyze the results. If you wish to keep the responses anonymous, the recipient name and personal details will not be collected. The fields will be hidden and only responses will be shown.

  • Tick on the Survey Settings button
  • Tick the checkbox Anonymous Response
  • A visual indicator will be placed on the campaign edit tab to state if responses are set to anonymous or not.
  • Additionally, when the anonymous response is turned on, a note will be presented upon scheduling the campaign or ticking Go Live to confirm this is correct. NOTE: When using the anonymous response, once a campaign is Live, you cannot obtain any recipient information after. 

The hidden statistics include:

  • The recipient names, attributes, and submitted dates will be hidden
  • The audience and export tab will be removed from the campaign
  • The filter capability will be removed
  • The interaction pages will be hidden
  • The list of non-engaged recipients will be hidden