There are various question types to build your survey, each have their own layout and setting options. The type of question will determine how the responses are collected at the campaign.

Individual Types

  • All question types have question text, description and the ability to mark as required
  • The survey fields with a selection of options have a setting to determine the layout of those options, they can be listed vertically or horizontally. Please note that if the options don't align horizontally on the page, they will automatically be placed vertically.
  • The form fields Agree/ Disagree and Satisfaction Score has preset options that associate to each type. If you'd like to use your own options, use the form field Single Select or Multi-Select.

Survey Responses

  • Closed questions (survey types: Dropdown, Multi-Select, Number, Single Select, Agree/Disagree, Net Promoter Score) will show a total percentages for each option
  • Open questions (survey types: Text, Text Area, Date, Email, Time) will show the recipient and their response