Campaigns that contain a survey builder will show a new appended tab, Survey. This will allow you to view and analyze your survey results. You will be able to view a summary of the question and response data, view individual responses, export data, and filter based on specific recipient segments.

Question Summaries

  • Completed - Percentage of recipients that have submitted the survey
  • Stalled - Percentage of recipients that have started a survey, but haven't submitted the survey after a 12 hour period
  • Active - Percentage of recipients that have opened the survey but have not yet submitted
  • Duration - The average duration recipients took to complete the survey

Response Summaries

  • List of questions in order of how they are rendered in the communication
  • Question info: 
    • Responses: Total number of recipients that have answered the question
    • Skipped: Total number of recipients that have skipped the question (only applied when the question is not marked as required)
  • Type - Depending on the type of question will determine the view of aggregated data
    • Closed Questions - Will have a graphical view with percentages of all options. Note: The Satisfaction Score question will have it's own graphical view to show promoters, passives, and detractors
    • Open Questions - Will have a table view with the recipient name and their response

Individual Responses

  • Navigate to the Response tab, from here you can view a list of recipients and their status
  • Click on an individual recipient name. This will bring you to the Recipient Individual response page. 


The ability to filter based on recipient attributes, i.e Department is available. Once a filter is applied, the aggregate view of responses will be updated to reflect the recipients and their responses that belong to the specific attribute. 

Export Data

Use the export option to download the results in excel or pdf format. Use these extracts to help further analyze the results