When a recipient submits a survey they are presented with the end of survey message. By default, the questions and answers are hidden and the message is appended to the end of the communication when recipients submit. Alternatively, you have the ability to allow the users to view the questions and their answer upon submit.

  • Navigate to the Survey Settings button (on the navigation panel)
  • Select the checkbox Show User Response
  • Once a recipient submits the form, a View Summary of Responses button will be shown below the end of survey message.
  • Upon ticking View Summary button, the questions will be stacked where the last survey subsection was placed and the end of survey message will be hidden. 
    • When a user returns back to the communication, the questions will be rendered where they were originally added.

Points to Note 

Recipients can only submit a survey once. If the recipient navigates back to the communication to view later, they will still be able to view the questions and answers.